Thursday, February 28, 2013

This Week

I am currently enrolled in an Environmental Biology class.  My professor encourages great discussions that require us to dig a little deeper, and consider information that is presented to us by media and technology. She pushes us to think critically and ask questions.  This is one of my favorite classes this semester because my professor does a great job at getting our wheels to spin.

During one of our discussions we watched a video from the NASA website. This video of solar eruptions is so beautiful, and absolutely amazing to watch. A solar eruption, also known as a solar flare, is a buildup of magnetic energy in the atmosphere that is suddenly released. The amount of radiation released from these flares is comparable to one hundred million hydrogen bombs!

Think Critcally!
Behind The Green Mask is a supplemental read required for this class.  We just started this book, and so far it is very interesting to say the least.  I recommend taking the time to check it out.  Its definatlry worth considering.

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